The Evosaur Project

The Evosaur Project intends to be a parent metaproject for alternatives to modern computing, including but not limited to the fields of CPU architectures, operating systems, networking protocols, and userspace programs. Currently everything here is in early stages; things will likely remain work-in-progress for a few decades.




This project has ideas fundemental to computing in a way that may be revolutionary. We do not want to see surrounding technologies becoming patent-infested by large coorporations and other entities that don't support and sabotage free technical development; we want things to remain free (as in freedom), giving people the opportunity to design, produce and freely deal with their own hardware, software, and related matters. Thus ultimately we want a strong copyleft license that (1) works of the nature of work we are working on, especially CPU and architecture designs and (2) grants patent licenses under copyleft-like terms, such that the utilization of covered patented technology is allowed if the implementation is free. If patent and copyright law is less braindead in the future and production of technology is not that monopolized, we may consider releasing this project into the public domain. But currently that isn't the case and we don't see a copyleft license fit for our purposes, and while efforts are being made to create such a license, license-writing is a serious legal matter requiring lawyers and such, while we want to focus on technical development first. So currently, to ``play safe'', no permissions are granted—all rights reserved. Please tell the mailing list or the developers directly if you know of an applicable license or would otherwise help with licensing.

TL;DR: Currently, all rights reserved. Will change in the future.